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Do you know how much CO2 you emit via your food?

The CO2Food app gives you a quick and easy overview of the CO2 emissions from your food purchases. The app automatically calculates emissions based on your digital receipts.

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What is CO2Food?

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Your CO2 footprint

Get an overview of how much CO2 your food emits. Based on your shopping receipts, CO2Food calculates the carbon footprint of what you buy.

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Compare your carbon footprint with others like you and see in which categories your carbon emissions are the highest.


Data security is crucial. With CO2Food you are the owner of your own data. Read more about how we store your data in our privacy policy.

Get started

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Automatic calculation of your CO2 footprint

By simply connecting to digital receipt solutions, your receipts are retrieved and your CO2 emissions are automatically calculated.

This way, you don't need to enter each individual food item manually.

Download the app

Download CO2Food in the App Store or Google Play for free and check the CO2 emissions of your purchases immediately.

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Link to the App Store
Link to Google Play Store
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  • How does the CO2Food app work?
    Based on your purchases, the CO2Food app automatically calculates how much CO2 your food emits and gives you insight into your climate footprint
  • How does CO2Food know what I have bought?
    CO2Food estimates the CO2 emission based on the food on your shopping receipts. you can easily download your receipts into the app automatically by using digital receipt solutions. You can also take a picture of the receipt
  • Which receipts can I receive automatically?
    This depends on the country you are using the app. Please see the country-specific pages for more information.
  • What parameters do you use for the calculation?
    We estimate the CO2 emissions for a product based on the price of the product or an average size of the product and an average price per kilo for the product group. Therefore, products that are more expensive/smaller than the average for the product group may be overestimated in terms of CO2 emissions, while cheaper/larger products may be underestimated
  • The app is not working properly?
    CO2Food is currently in its development stage, therefore some features of the app may not show up correctly. Thank you for your patience while we are working on it!

About CO2Food

We built CO2Food in 2019 as a tool to understand the climate impact of the food we buy and cut down where it fits into our everyday life.

With the CO2Food app, we work towards the UN's global goals 12 and 13. We want to help reduce our collective footprint on nature by giving everybody knowledge about his climate footprint.


CO2Food is currently under development to become even better and more accurate than before. Therefore, some features in the app might not show up correctly at the moment. We thank you for your patience!

United Nations Global Goals
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