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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 CO2Food is provided by DVJ Insights BV.

1.2 By accepting these terms, you enter into an agreement with DVJ Insights BV, Herculesplein 52, 3584 AA Utrecht, The Netherlands

1.3 The terms apply to all services provided by the online service CO2Food.

2. User Account

2.1 Use of CO2Food solely requires the creation of a user account with a valid email and password or via a Facebook account.

2.2 Use of CO2Food is possible once these terms are accepted.

2.3 Some functionalities in CO2Food require additional information, e.g., information about family type, housing, etc.

2.4 Upon the creation of a user account, a confirmation is sent to the provided email address.

2.5 DVJ Insights is entitled to close any CO2Food user account without consent and without notice. The user may terminate their account without notice by requesting so at

2.6 In case of suspicion of abuse, DVJ Insights may block the user account.

2.7 DVJ Insights is not liable for damages in cases where DVJ Insights closes the user account.

2.8 DVJ Insights may send emails to the user at the registered email address, as long as the user has not actively unsubscribed from these, cf. section 5 on Marketing.

3. Services

3.1 CO2Food offers a range of services related to the user's consumption/CO2-emissions. The various services provide, alone or together, an overview of the user's habits/consumption and opportunities for change. DVJ Insights makes these services available to the user with their current content. DVJ Insights may change the content or functionality of these services without prior notice to users.

4. Payment

4.1 CO2Food consists of a range of services. Some services are free, others require payment for use. It will be clear to the user if a part of the service requiring payment is used.

4.2 The application contains a module for user identification and the possibility for online payment. To use services that require payment, user identification must be completed, and the user must use a valid payment card. Transaction fees may apply for certain cards. The transaction fee is always displayed in the payment window.

4.3 It is DVJ Insights' responsibility to ensure that the paid services are available before payment is completed.

5. Marketing

5.1 If the user has consented to it upon creating their user account, DVJ Insights may electronically contact the user for marketing purposes of CO2Food's services, including new or improved services. Such approaches can be made via email, SMS, MMS, or similar, using the user information provided by the user.

5.2 The user may at any time withdraw their consent to marketing by contacting

6. User's Special Obligations

6.1 The user guarantees that the data provided by the user is correct and that providing data to DVJ Insights does not violate any current legislation or third-party rights.

6.2 The user is responsible for keeping information that provides access to CO2Food confidential. However, the user is entitled to share access information to CO2Food at their own risk if it is for the purpose of granting a third party access to the user's data in CO2Food. In case of abuse or suspicion of abuse of the account, DVJ Insights must be notified immediately. DVJ Insights is not liable for consequences of potential misuse of the user's information if the user has allowed third-party access to the user's data.

6.3 The user guarantees that by using CO2Food, they will not add indecent and punishable content as well as viruses, programs, and software that can damage the software and hardware of CO2Food, DVJ Insights or other users.

6.4 The user guarantees that they will use CO2Food in accordance with the guidelines described in these terms.

6.5 Any action in violation of the above is considered a significant breach of the agreement between DVJ Insights and the user, and DVJ Insights reserves the right to close the user's account.

7. Closing/Deleting a User Account

7.1 The user can at any time close their user account by contacting DVJ Insights at All data relating to the user will then be permanently deleted from the user account and cannot be recreated. For further information on deleting user accounts, we refer to our privacy policy.

8. Disclaimer

8.1 CO2Food is solely a service to support insight into and optimization of consumption/CO2 emissions. Any use of services, including the use of CO2Food's optimization suggestions, is therefore at the users' own risk. DVJ Insights does not guarantee that the user will achieve a specific result from using the service.

8.2 DVJ Insights cannot under any circumstances be held financially responsible for the use, or lack of use, of the optimization suggestions indicated in CO2Food.

8.3 DVJ Insights cannot be held liable for damages resulting from operational failures, breakdowns, closures, or planned maintenance of CO2Food. This applies regardless of whether the closure or planned maintenance occurs after prior notification of users. Services are thus provided "as is" and with their content at any given time.

9. Collection and Disclosure of Data

9.1 DVJ Insights collects and processes personal data about the users. You can read more about our use of personal data in our privacy policy.

9.2 The collection and storage of data follow current legislation.

10. Copyright

10.1 DVJ Insights holds the copyright to all CO2Food's services. Upon creating a user account, the user only obtains the right to use CO2Food's services, while all rights to the services as such belong to DVJ Insights.

11. Changes to Terms

11.1 DVJ Insights reserves the right to change these terms. To the extent changes affect users' rights, DVJ Insights will ensure that users have access to accept the amended terms. If the user does not wish to accept such amended terms, access to DVJ Insights' services will be terminated.

11.2 The latest version of the terms is available via the CO2Food app and/or website.

12. Other Provisions

12.1 Any dispute between DVJ Insights and a user shall be settled under Danish law by the Danish courts in accordance with the jurisdiction rules in the Administration of Justice Act.

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